A collaboration between 51N4E, Chevalier-Masson & Julie Van den Broucke, realised as part of the architectural transformation of a private house by 51N4E architecture studio.

Daybed, steel structure, macro foam padding with wool/polyester covering,  290 x 300 cm

A solitary ‘throne’ or picnic ground for ten people, this oversized piece emphasizes social relations, suggesting a free way to use its landscape where each neighbour determines their own personal space in relation to others.

St Eloois Winkel
"Reasons for Walling a House",  Valerie Traan Gallery, Antwerpen 2012, photo: Filip Dujardin
Milan avril 2012, Belgium is Design, "Perspectives" à la Triennale Design Museum
 monigraphic 51N4E exhibition, Bozar Brussels, 2011, photo: Filip Dujardin