"A Demonstration" scenography, CIAP at C-Mine, Genk


Designed in collaboration with architectural offices Point Supreme (Athens) and 51N4E (Brussels) the scenography comes into dialogue with Sasha Litvintseva & Beny Wagner film, A Demonstration, presented for the first time in the exhibition setting. Set in the vast, emptied-out machinery hall at C-mine, a former mining site, this temporary, three-dimensional structure generates a soft organic black volume; much like grottos and follies of Mannerist gardens, it explores the architecture’s ability to affect the body, to show and conceal, to guide and mislead.

The shared inspirations and plans, associated with the spatial opportunities drove the team to a hanged chain backbone supporting a net skin with dense recycled fibers fabrics. 

photo: Michiel de Cleene
photos: Michiel de Cleene
1/10 model
photo: Flore Fockedey

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