Tapa Daybed


mixed fibers & steel / L 210 x W 65 x H 39 cm
the tapa daybed is a steel bench designed by Erwin De Muer,  covered with a double-side thick felt fabric, made out of waste fibres from a local weaving mill. The artisanal felting process mixes the different fibers layers and results in a deep and vibrant coloured texture. the uniqueness of each piece produced increases the pictural character of the surface.
the clear line of the plain steel structure emphazises the density of the textile and brings a strong stability to the «flying carpet».

The Tapa Daybed is part of the Centre National d'Arts Plastiques collection in Paris
Available on demand at Valerie Traan Gallery in Antwerpen

Monographic exhibition "des choses à faire" at CID Grand Hornu, B. 2015 - photo: Christian Aschman
Valerie Traan Gallery, 2017 - photo: Miles Fischler
photo: Yvan Guerdon

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